Why Choose LED?

      Excellent security and safety by enveloping your home and children with warm pleasant light.

      75% to 85% in less electrical usage per year.

      Over one year the electrical cost of a halogen system covers the electrical cost of a LED system for 8 years.

o   Yes the electrical cost of LED system for 8 years equals cost of Halogen system for 1 year.

      Additional savings labor and material for not replacing halogen lamps.

      LED lamp is rated for 50,000 hour life cycle that is 12 times longer than halogen.

      The warm pure white color enhances your home and landscaping exterior and beauty.

      LED produces little heat and no UV rays, long lasting.


Why Choose Lighting Innovations Inc. exclusive LED. (LII LED)

      LII uses USA made CREE X series chips with true and consistent 2700k color warmth

      LII LED is engineered with highest quality 45° lens for even lumen distribution

      LII warrants LED for 5 years against manufacturing defects failure.

      LLI guarantees the fixture and finish for life, except 3rd party damage and acts of nature.

      LII offers widest application and selection of LED lamps in the market today.